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Basic vendor information about company Thakkar Kalyanji Keshavji & Bros

Contact person : Dhaval Thakkar

Contact No : 834*****099

Email Id : dmt*****.com

Address : GF-28,Jashraj Complex,Nr.Parivar cross road,B/S.Crystal School,Waghodia-Dabhoi ring road,Vadodara-390019

Website : www.**********.com

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Vendor, Dhaval Thakkar, specially deals in

Bitumen Painting,  Water Proofing,  Waterproofing,  Wall Tiling,  Plumbing,  Distempering Painting,  Emulsion Painting,  Enamel Painting,  Oil Painting,  Painting Work,  Polishing,  Pu Painting,  Repainting,  Thermoplastic Painting,  Wooden Furniture Polishing,  Wooden Polishing,  Printing Service,  Printing Work,  Steel Tap,  Taps,  Taps And Dies,  Water Tap,  Water Tape,  Lime Plaster,  Liquid Lime,  Plaster Of Paris Powder,  Cement,  White Cement,  Floor Tile,  Flooring Tiles,  Roof Tile,  Tile,  Adhesive Cement,  Adhesive Tape,  Areldite,  Gypsum Powder,  Hydrated Lime,  Melamine,  Paint Remover,  Plaster Of Paris,  Thinner Lacquer,  Bituman,  Bitumen Emulsion,  Bitumen Paint,  Ant Termite,  Anti Termite,  Antitermite,  Strainer Filter,  Coupling,  Steel Coupling,  T Coupling,  Tee Coupling,  Union Coupling,  Universal Coupling,  V Band Coupling,  Pipe Clip,  Pipe Joint,  Pipe Joints,  Pipe Saddle,  Tee Joint,  U Joint,  Bend Pipe,  Tap Pipe,  U Pipe,  Dolomite Powder,  Melamine Polish,  Wooden Polish,  Brass Brush,  Brush,  Ceiling Brush,  Lime Brush,  Roller Brush,  Wire Brush,  Chalk Powder,  Ropes,  Coupler,  Hose Coupler,  Plumber Item,  Plumbing Items,  Plumbing Material,  Joint Filler,  Coating,  Polish Work,  Metal Primer,  Oil Primer,  Oxide Primer,  Paint Primer,  Primer Paint,  Red Oxide Primer,  Red Oxide Zinc Chrome Primer,  Synthetic Primer,  Wood Primer,  Wooden Primer,  Zinc Primer,  Paint Brush,  Paintbrush,  Painting Brush,  Rolling Brush,  Road Paint,  Thermo Plastic Paint,  Thermoplast Paint,  Thermoplastic Paint,  Acrylic Emulsion,  Aluminium Paint,  Aluminum Paint,  Cement Solvent,  Distemper Paint,  Emulsion Paint,  Enamel,  Exterior Paint,  Industrial Paint,  Lime Putty,  Oil Paint,  Oil Painting Item,  Oil Paints,  Paint,  Paints,  Pu Paint,  Putty,  Red Oxide,  Redoxide,  Road Marking Paint,  Roof Paint,  Synthetic Paint,  Wall Paint,  Wall Putty,  Varnish,  Paint Thinner,  Painting Thinner,  Thinner,  Epoxy,  Epoxy Primer,  Brown Paper,  Water Paper,  Upvc Item,  Upvc Joint,  Elbows,  Hose Pipe,  Sanding Sealer,  Lime Powder,  Lime Stone,  Limestone,  Cowl,  Valve

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