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Repairs To Plaster Of Thickness 12 Mm To 20 Mm In Patches Of Area 2.5 Sq.Meters And Under, Including Cutting The Patch In Proper Shape, Raking Out Joints And Preparing And Plastering The Surface Of The Walls Complete, Including Disposal Of Rubbish To The Dumping Ground, All Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge.With Cement Mortar 1:4 1 Cement : 4Coarse Sand Ch-18 Si. 14.1.2 Dismantling Corrugated Iron Roof Walls And Partitions Including Purlin Battens And Vertical Supports And Including Stacking Of Materials As Directed By The Engineer-In-Charge With In A Distance Of 60 Metres ¼200Ft. Dismentling Floors To Be Stone Flagged Or Tiled Floor. Including Base Concrete And I/C Stacking Of Dismanteled Materials As Directed By The E/I With In A Distance Of 60 M. 200Fit S.I. No 698 Providing And Fixing 18 Mm Thick Gang Saw Cut, Mirror Polished, Premoulded And Prepolished, Machine Cut For Kitchen Plateforms, Vanity Counters, Window Sills, Facias And Similar Locations Of Required Size, Approved Shade, Colour And Texture Laid Over Mm Thick Base Cement Mortar : Cement : Coarse Sand, Joints Treated With White Cement, Mixed With Matching Pigment, Epoxy Touch Ups, Including Rubbing, Curring, Moulding And Polishing To Edges To Give High Gloss Finish Etc. Complete At All Level.Granite Of Any Colour And Shade Area Of Slab Over 0.50 Sqm Ch-10-Si.No.- Providing And Laying Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles Of Size 300X300 Mm Thickness To Be Specified By The Manufacturer, Of Ist Quality Conforming To Is : 15622, Of Approved Make, In All Colours Shades Except White, Ivory, Grey, Fume Red Brown, Laid On 20 Mm Thick Cement Mortar 1:4 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand, Jointing With Grey Cement Slurry @ 3.3 Kg Per Sqm, Including Pointing The Joints With White Cement And Matching Pigment Etc., Complete. Sor-Ch-13, S.No-10 Fabrication Of Woodwn Board Storage / Almira 55 Cm Depth With Shutters With 19Mm Thick Century Architect Ply Bwp Ply Wood With One Side Laminated With 0.80 Mm Thick Sunmica Of Approved Make Complete As Per Direction Of E/I . Fabrication Of Woodwn Board Storage / Almira 30 Cm Depth With Shutters With 19Mm Thick Century Architect Ply Bwp Ply Wood With One Side Laminated With 0.80 Mm Thick Sunmica Of Approved Make Complete As Per Direction Of E/I . Providing And Fixing G.I. Pipes Complete With G.I. Fittings And Clamps, I/C Cutting And Making Good The Walls Etc. Nternal Work - Exposed On Wall 15 Mm Dia Nominal Bore Ch-20-Si.No.-18.10.1 Providing Corrugated G.S. Sheet Roofing Including Vertical / Curved Surface Fixed With Polymer Coated J Hooks, Bolts And Nuts 8 Mm Dia Meter With Bitumen And G.I. Limpet Washer Or With G.I. Limpet Washers Filled With White Lead Including A Coat Of Approved Steel Primer And Two Coats Of Approved Paint On Overlapping Of Sheets Conplete Up To Any Pitch In Horizontal / Vertical Or Curved Surfaces Excluding The Cast Of Purlins, Rafters Andtrusses And Including Cutting To Size And Shape Wherever Required. 1.00 Mm Thick With Zink Coating Not Less Than 275 Gm/Sqm Ch-14S.No-1- 12.1.1 Providing And Laying In Position Cement Of Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering, All Work Up To Plinth Level 1:2:4 1 Cement : 2 Coarse Sand Zone-Iii : 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal Size Ch-8 S.No.-4.1.3 Structural Steel Work Riveted, Bolted Or Welded In Built Up Sections, Trusses And Framed Work, Including Cutting, Hoisting, Fixing In Position And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer All Complete. Ch-12S.No-10.2 S/F Of 1.60Mm Thick Corrugated Paxi Glass Frd Translucent Roofing Sheet In Proper Position Including Cost Of All Material, Labour, T&P. Etc.Required For Proper Completion Of The Work. Providing And Fixing 1 Mm Thick M.S. Sheet Door With Frame Of 40X40x6 Mm Angle Iron And 3 Mm M.S. Gusset Plates At The Junctions And Corners, All Necessary Fittings Complete, Including Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer Using Flats 30X6 Mm For Diagonal Braces And Central Cross Piece. Ch-12-Si.No.-10.5.1 Painting Or Vanishing On Iron Works In Small Areas Or New Wood Work With One Coat Of Ready Mixed Priming Paint & Two Coat Of Approved Superior Quality Ready Mixed Paint Of Clear Synthetic Varnish Including Supply .Of All Materials, Labour And T & P Etc. Required For Proper Completion Of Work. Paint To Be Used Should Confirm To The I.S.I. No. 641+642 Providing And Applying White Cement Based Putty Of Average Thickness 1 Mm, Of Approved Brand And Manufacturer, Over The Plastered Wall Surface To Prepare The Surface Even And Smooth Complete. Distempering Two Coat With Oil Bound Distemper Of Approved Brand And Manufacture And Of Required Shade On Undecorated Wall Surface To Give An Even Shade After Thoroughly Brushing The Surface Free From Mortar Dropping And Other Foreign Matter And Also Including Papering The Surface Even With Plaster Of Paris Or Approved Synthetic Material And Sand Papered Smooth Including Premium Coat With Cement Primer Of Approved Brand And Including Cost Of All Materials. Si.No. 649+650

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State Government / Construction
Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

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