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Bidding Support

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Rates Of Different Type Of Materials Related Construction- Seam Bolts And Nuts, Stone Aggregate, Cowdung, Bamboo, Brick Bats, Wire Brush, Soft Brush, Portland Cement, White Cement, Unslaked Lime, Moorum, Mud Dry, Cement Primer, Pink Primer For Wood, White Cement Based Putty, Coarse Sand Zone Iii, Fine Sand Zone Iv, Galvanised Steel Plain Sheets, Mild Steel Round Bar 12 Mm Dia And Below, Mild Steel Round Bar Above 12 Mm Dia, Average Rate Of Mild Steel Round Bars For Reinforcements, Twisted Steel/Deformed Bars, Mild Steel Square Bars, Structural Steel Such As Tees, Angles, Channels And R.S. Joists, Flats Up To 10 Mm In Thickness, Flats Exceeding 10 Mm In Thickness, Mild Steel Plates, Galvanised Steel Bolts & Nuts 6 Mm Dia And 25 Mm Long Round Head With Slots, Galvanised Steel J Or L Hooks 8 Mm Dia, Galvanished Steel Bolts & Nuts 10 Mm Dia And 125 Mm Long Round Head With Slots, Mild Steel Bolts 6 Mm Dia And 25 Mm Long With Hexagonal Head, Galvanished Steel Barbed Wire, Galvanised Steel Turn Buckles, Galvanised Steel Bolts & Nuts 10 Mm Dia And 27 Cm Long Both Sides Threaded With 4 Galvanised Steel Nuts, Bolts And Nuts Up To 300 Mm In Length, Bolts And Nuts Above 300 Mm In Length, Stone For Masonry Work, Stone For Pitching 15 Cm X 22.5 Cm, Stone Dust, Stone Grit 6 Mm And Down Size Or Pea Sized Gravel, Crushed Stone 2.36 Mm To 12.5 Mm Size, , G.I Limpet Washer, Bitumen Washer, G.I. Plain Washer For Seam Bolts

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Kashipur (Ut) - Uttaranchal

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  • Identify Eligibility Criteria
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  • Technical Bid Preparation
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  • Online Bid Preparation
  • Offline Bid Submission
  • Online Bid Submission
  • Track Corrigendum / Addendums
  • Attend Pre Bid Meetings
  • Consistent Liaison & Coordination
  • EMD Follow Ups

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