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Bidding Support

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Supply Of Instruments And Equipment - Refrigerator, Ilr Smallwith Voltage Stabilizer, Deep Freezersmall With Voltage Stabilizer, Cold Boxes Small, Cold Boxes Large, Vaccine Carriers With 4 Icepacks, Spare Ice Pack Box: 8, 25 & 60 Ice Pack Boxes Per Vaccine Carrier, Small Cold Box & Large Cold Box Respectively, Waste Disposal Twin Bucket,, Thermometres Alcohol Stem, Ice Box., Adult Weighing Scale, Baby Weighing Scale, Height Measuring Scale, Table Lamp With 200 Watt Bulb For New Born Baby., Self Inflating Bag And Mask-Neonatal Size, Laryngoscope And Endotracheal Intubation Tubesneonatal, Mucus Extractor With Suction Tube And A Foot Operated Suction Machine, Feeding Tubes For Baby, Sponge Holding Forceps, Vulsellum Uterine Forceps, Tenaculum Uterine Forceps, Torch Without Batteries, Battery Dry Cells 1.5 Volt Large Size, Bowl For Antiseptic Solution For Soaking Cotton Swabs, Head Light, Ear Specula., B.P. Apparatus Table Model, Stethoscope, Sets Of Nsv Instruments, Minilap Kits, Nebuliser, Otoscope, A Labour Table, Normal Delivery Kit, Iucd Insertion Kit, Suction Machine, Facility For Oxygen Administration, Heamoglobin Meter, Heamoglobin Strips, Autoclave Double Drum, Cusco’S Vaginal Speculum Each Of Small, Medium And Large Size, Sim’S Vaginal Speculum – Single & Double Ended -Each Of Small, Medium And Large Size, Anterior Vaginal Wall Retractor, Sterile Gloves, Sterilised Cotton Swabs And Swab Sticks In A Jar With Lid, Kidney Tray For Keeping Used Instruments, Bowl For Antiseptic Solution, Cheatle’S Forceps, Reagents Of Cyan Meth - Haemoglobin Method For Hb Estimation, Uristix For Urine Albumin And Sugar Analysis, Abo & Rh Antibodies, Koh Solution For Whiff Test, Gram’S Iodine, Crystal Violet Stain, Acetone-Ethanol Decolourising Solution., Safranine Stain, Ph Test Strips, Rpr Test Kits For Syphilis, H2s Strip Test Kits For Fecal Contamination Of Drinking Water, Test Kits For Estimation Of Residual Chlorine In Drinking Water Using Orthotoludine Reagent, Whole Blood Finger Prick Hiv Rapid Test And Sti Screening Test Each, Colori Meter, Test Tubes, Pipettes, Glass Rods, Glass Slides, Cover Slips, Binocular Microscope, Light Microscope, Glucometer, Blood Pressure Apparatus Non-Mercury Is Desirable, Stethoscope, Tongue Depressor, Hub Cutter, Needle Destroyer 3, Ot Table, Arm Board For Adult And Child, Instrument Trolley, Suction Machine, Electric, I V Stand, Shadowless Lamp Light For Ot And Labour Room, Macintosh For Labour And Ot Table 10 Meter, Kelly’S Pad For Labour And Ot Table, Radiant Warmer, Fixed Height, With Trolley, Drawers, O2-Bottles, Phototherapy Unit, Resuscitator Silicone Resuscitation Bag And Mask With Reservoir Hand-Operated, Neonate, 500 Ml, Weighing Scale, Spring, Pump Suction Machine, Foot Operated, Thermometre, Clinical, Digital, 32-34 0C, Light Examination, Mobile, 220-12 V, Hub Cutter, Syringe, I/V Cannula 24 G, 26 G, Extractor, Mucus, 20Ml, Ster, Disp Dee Lee, Tube, Feeding, Ch07, L40cm, Ster, Disp, Oxygen Catheter 8 F, Oxygen Cylinder, Sterile Gloves, Examination Table, Table For Immunization/Fp/Counseling, Bench For Waiting Area, Wheel Chair, Stretcher On Trolley, Wooden Screen, Foot Step, Bed Side Table, Bed Stead Iron For In-Patients, Baby Cot, Stool, Medicine Chest, Lamp, Medicine Racks, Basin, Basin Stand, Buckets, Mugs, Lpg Stove, Lpg Cylinder, Rubber/Plastic Shutting 2 Metres, Drum With Tap For Storing Water, Mattress For Beds, Foam Mattress For Ot Table, Foam Mattress For Labour Table, Bed Sheets, Pillows With Covers, Blankets, Baby Blankets, Towels, Curtains With Rods 20 Metres, Dustbin, Coloured Puncture Proof Bags, For Phc Use.

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State Government / Construction
Chandrapur - Maharashtra

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  • Track Corrigendum / Addendums
  • Attend Pre Bid Meetings
  • Consistent Liaison & Coordination
  • EMD Follow Ups

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