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Bidding Support

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Supply In Construction Material - 80 Mm. Metal White-Hand Broken Metal With Royalty, 40 Mm Metal White- Hand Broken Metal With Royalty , 40 Mm Metal Black- Crusher Broken Metal With Royalty , 20 Mm Metal Black- Crusher Broken Metal With Royalty , 12 Mm Metal Black-Crusher Broken Metal With Royalty , 6 Mm Metal Black-Crusher Broken Metal With Royalty , Boulders Rubbles And Masonary Stones, Sand River Unscreen With Royalty, Sand Nallah Bed, Soft Murum With Royalty, Hard Murum With Royalty, Soil, Cement 53 Grade Ultaratek, Cement 53 Grade Jk Laxmi, Cement 53 Grade Acc, Cement 53 Grade Any Company, Wood Door Fame, Steel Door Fame, Partex Tilex 2/2, Wood Door, Steel Door, Steel Kabza, Cement Brick, Chekar Tiles, Simple Tiles, Sttel Kabza, Birla White, Snocem Simpal, Tarpin Oil, Kombada, Western Latrin Sheet, Indian Latrin Shit, Basing Complite, Water Nippal Steel, Water Steel Wall, Fixit Cement, Water Tanker 5000 Lit, Steel Windeo, Aluminium Window, Sereamic Tiles, Vetrified Tiles, Steel Raling, Wood Windeo, Rubber Paint, Burnt Bricks Ii Class, Mild Steel Bars Of Various Sizes, Tmt Steel Bars Of Various Sizes, Tmt Steel Bars Of 6Mm, Tmt Steel Bars Of 10Mm, Tmt Steel Bars Of 12Mm, Tmt Steel Bars Of 16Mm, Bitumen Pack Tin 60/70, Murum Carting Only, Weste Material Carting, Mixter Machine Per Day With Desel And Driver, Water Tanker With Desel And Driver, Centring Rent For Drain Work, Centring Rent For Cement Road, Centring Rent For Building Work, Jcb Witjh Desel Anddriver, Centring Tar Per Kg, Rcc Pipe 800 Mm, Rcc Pipe 900 Mm, Rcc Pipe 600 Mm, Rcc Pipe 450 Mm, Rcc Pipe 300 Mm, Compaction Of Earth Work In Embankment Upto Layer Of 30Cm Comp Machinary Charges Only, Compaction Of Soft Murum/ Kankad 2.00 To 7.00 Width 200Mm Loose With Static Roller Including Necessary Artificial Watering Etc Complete, Transporttion Of Soft Murum On Road Side Etc Complete As Per Analysis, Plastic Water Tank 1000 Lit, Transportation Of Excavated Soil From Ex-Mat. Tank To Field Up To 3Km, Pvc Pipe 150 Mm, Pvc Pipe 110 Mm, Pvc Pipe 90 Mm, Pvc Pipe 75 Mm, Cement Pipe Various Size, Oil Paint Asion, Meter Stone, Steel Pipe Various Size, Distemper, Snocem Branded, Putting, Churi Dust, Kota, Tiles, Rcc Slab Liquid, Plastic Paint, Primer, Steel Jali, Painting Brush Big, Ratmal Paper, Whiting, Putting Patti, Pvc Pipe 63 Mm 4 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 63 Mm 6 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 75 Mm 4 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 75 Mm 6 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 90 Mm 4 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 90 Mm 6 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 110 Mm 4 Kg With Socet, Pvc Pipe 110 Mm 6 Kg With Socet, Peving Block, And Other Materia Supply At.Grampanchyat Kesalwada Ps

TRN :22238065
State Government / Construction
Bhandara - Maharashtra

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  • Tender Bidding
  • Tender Consultancy
  • Tender Advisory
  • Identify Eligibility Criteria
  • Identify Penelty Clauses
  • Highlight Important Dates
  • Technical Bid Preparation
  • Offline Bid Preparation
  • Online Bid Preparation
  • Offline Bid Submission
  • Online Bid Submission
  • Track Corrigendum / Addendums
  • Attend Pre Bid Meetings
  • Consistent Liaison & Coordination
  • EMD Follow Ups

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